CCTV Camera for Theatres in Australia

When opening up theaters in Australia, one of the topmost concerns would be safety. It is expected that these arts/entertainment centers will be flocked by thousands of patrons. There are lots of ways to make a theater secure: CCTV cameras systems, alarms, etc. What is the great mix to have the best security implementation for your establishment?

Case Study: Regeant’s Park Open Air Theatre

theatre camera systems

The Regeant’s Park Open Air Theatre was re-developed in 2012. The open theater had a major overhaul and that includes upgrading its security systems. Since the theater is a busy outdoor venue, it had a variety of complex safety and security requirements. The pressure is high on implementing a perfect security since this is part of London’s cultural heritage.

Theatre Requirements

  • Secure all entries and exits
  • Secure the box office
  • Install PA systems across the theater and its grounds
  • Deploy fire-alarms


The theatre installed Honeywell Galaxy intruder alarms and connected it to a central monitoring station. This enabled the theater to monitor any break-ins on restricted areas such as the box office and admin offices.

Samsung CCTV camera systems were installed to monitor all entrance and exits. The CCTV consisted of four external, wall mounted IP camera. Each is being powered by PoE cabling, making sure they don’t need external power supplies for each camera.

IP  security cameras were used to expand coverage to the bar area. Four external IP cameras were installed to have more coverage on the tills, serving counters and stock room entrances. Four channel fiber-optic transceiver  were used to connect the bar area to the main control equipment. 16 channel DVR was used in order to view all surveillance systems including the PoE and IP cameras.

To address the fire concerns, Gent fire alarm systems were installed all over the theatre. The fire alarm systems were selected because if follows the highest law requirements in the UK.

Results of this implementation

Regeant’s Park Open Theatre was able to achieve its security upgrade objectives. The security systems were designed to ensure safety for all its patrons. Here are the benefits achieved:

  • Monitor and prevent unauthorized access to key areas of the theater
  • Secure assets of the theatre
  • Monitor and apprehend theft within the vicinity
  • Identify unsociable behavior within the site and outside the gates. Respond to prevent things from escalating
  • Increase confidence that everyone will be evacuated should a fire start within the open theatre premises


Australian theatre owners can learn a lot from the implementation of their British counterparts. We used this example because it is considered complex since they are running securing for an open theatre. There are a lot of variables that they need to account making the process more complicated.

What can owners learn from this case study? Investing on high grade security tools is a must. The tools used above are high quality. The CCTV footages are clearer. The tools are weather-sealed and can withstand harsh outdoor elements.

Owners need to leverage on reputable security companies to come up with the best solution for their establishment. At Secom Australia, we have years of experience handling enterprises and government projects. We can create the best design that can guarantee complete coverage for safety for your theatres.



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