How Secom Can Protect Your Home From Theft

Meet George, his family had a terrible ordeal with their new home in NSW. Their house was ransacked when they had a vacation. Over 10,000 USD worth of goods was stolen. They recently employed Secom to deploy security measures.

In this article, we will discuss how Secom Security identified the security gaps within his home. We will touch in depth how to address these gaps. Our aim is to show you how the company can help you avoid similar incidents like this.


* George became complacent with security. There was no history of burglary within his neighborhood. He thought it was safe and did not invest in security camera or alarm

* He thought his dogs were enough to fend off the thieves. He thought that the barking sounds will alert will the neighbors and will call the police to protect his property.

* The burglar broke into his window and used the front door to move the stolen items. Nobody witnessed the theft.

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The Assessment of Secom

Like many Australians are vulnerable and have gaps similar to George. Just because a neighborhood has no history of burglary does not mean it is totally safe. Theft can occur anytime. It can happen to both rich and poor neighborhoods. Burglary is a crime of opportunity, if the burglar saw that owners are complacent they will not hesitate and exploit it.

Dogs are good deterrents against these types of crimes, however relying on them is risky. Canines have limitations on the extent of the area they can guard. Sophisticated thieves can easily circumvent them. Relying too much on your neighbor is also a no-no in George’s case. Your neighbors can be busy and fail to detect if there is something wrong in your residence.

How Secom Addressed these Gaps

* Break-In Alarms– adding break-in alarms will provide another layer of security for your home. This can help bridge the gap. If your dog wasn’t able to guard every inch of your house, these can be covered by installing break-in alarms on windows and glass doorways.

Break-in alarms have a motion sensor. It triggers an alarm if it senses vibrations (caused by someone trying to force or break the glass).

* Security Camera– deploying security camera is another good way to protect your home. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) can enable you to remotely monitor your house. You can check it with your smartphone and laptop through the internet.

Footages of security cameras can be used to identify thieves. There are a lot of cases that were solved because of these recordings. Law enforcements were able to track down and prosecute the culprit. It is also an excellent source for evidence for court proceedings.

* Integration with Monitoring Centers- integrating the break-in alarms and security camera with monitoring centers is the best way to combat thieves. Once the alarm is triggered, the monitoring team can access your CCTV and validate the incident.

If they see an on-going burglary, they can send in patrols or police to catch the felons red-handed. A standalone security camera is not enough, you need a team that can apprehend the thieves. This approach is a complete solution. This has helped thousands of homeowners.

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