Best Location to Put your Outdoor CCTV Camera to Protect Your Home

CCTV camera has become a popular tool for residential owners nowadays. Homeowners find it very useful in protecting their assets and loved ones. In this article, SECOM Australia will discuss how to place your cameras in strategic locations.

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Why you need to place your cameras at the right location

SECOM  has provided tens of thousands of CCTVs for residences over the past years. We observed that a lot of folks that invest in these systems but are unaware on properly installing it. Here are the top reasons why you should learn this:

* Avoid making your system useless– if you don’t place it in strategic locations, chances are you have blind spots within your property. It is a best practice that every important access points to your home should be covered by your system.

* Avoid damaging your system– If you place your CCTV on the wrong area, you are putting it at risk of being damaged or tampered. SECOM Australia has met a lot of owners who encountered these problems. Camera lenses are sensitive and prone to scratches. Make sure you install them correctly on outdoor environments.

Tips on Installing Outdoor CCTV

Place your Cameras Up High
When installing your CCTV camera, place it really high. We want to avoid situations wherein burglars can easily reach it. Remember the bank heist in action movies? The ones wherein the robbers, sprays paint on the camera lenses? We want to avoid those situations. Burglars can tamper your feed by cutting lines. Situating the cable and CCTV on top prevent this from happening.

Ensure your Cameras Cover the Whole Property Area
A best practice that we apply in SECOM Australia is to position the cameras at different locations and angle. Our objective is to have a full 360-degree surveillance of the perimeter. Regardless if a burglar tries to hide within the perimeter, the cameras will pick up his movement. You can track his activity and use the footage for evidence in court proceedings.

Explore Mixing your CCTV with Visible and Hidden Cameras
Burglars are crafty felons. They scout their targets and identify where cameras are situated around the property. Setting up cameras in expected locations can help prevent burglary, they can tamper it especially if these could be easily reached. Installing hidden cameras can mitigate this problem. Even if they were able to disable the visible ones they will be caught by your hidden ones.

Explore Using Motion Sensors
Motion sensors provide additional protection for your home. It is a good compliment with CCTV cameras. Motion sensors can detect movement within the area. There are some that can trigger outdoor lights if it senses motion within the area. This works very well as the light helps the cameras record movement better.

A best practice on installing motion sensors is to install them on blind spots such as backdoor entrances. These are the areas that is not visible to the neighbors and streets. If the sensor is triggered, you will be notified so you can check through CCTV what is happening outside. This gives you info to call the police if necessary.

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