Alarm Monitoring Systems for Educational Institutions

Schools require special attention when it comes to security. Administrators must provide adequate safety for students, teachers and staff. In this article, Secom will discuss how alarm systems can help campuses and universities become a safe haven for learning.

alarm monitoring

What are the different alarm systems for schools?

* Fire Alarms– this is perhaps one of the most essential alarm systems that schools should deploy within their facilities. Fire alarms are devices that detect smoke and intense heat. Once it detects fire, it will trigger the sprinkler system to contain the flames.

Fire alarms are very important to educational institutions. A single incident of fire can cause damage to property, serious injuries and even loss of lives. Secom highly recommends placing priority on these devices in any security implementation project.

It is also recommended by SECOM to cover all grounds with this system. There are fire alarms that are integrated on monitoring centers and fire departments. This helps expedite emergency response should a fire incident occur.
* Break-in Alarms– these devices are installed on glass doors and windows. It measures vibrations on the glass and triggers an alarm. There are cases wherein Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) could not see every inch of the school. Break-in alarms help on those scenarios.

These alarms are normally placed on doors and windows of storage rooms and other highly sensitive rooms. If you have a place that stores critical equipment or information, Secom highly recommends installing these. It helps prevents burglars and intruders.

* Motion Sensors – motion sensors detect any movement on an open space. If a burglar tries to prowl within your grounds, motion sensors can help detect them. Your security team can apprehend these felons.

Motion sensors work very well in lawns, gardens and outdoor environments. SECOM highly recommends integrating these sensors with flood lights. If an intruder is detected by the sensor, the flood light will be activated. This will discourage the intruder from pursuing their activities.

Motion sensors are good tools to prevent vandalism. It is also effective in detecting and preventing car theft on your school parking lots.

* Water/Freeze Alarms – If your school is situated on a wet or freezing environment, SECOM recommends exploring this alarm system. What it does is that it detects if your surroundings are freezing or if floods are coming in inside the place.

There are pipes and types of equipment that are sensitive to low temperatures and water. These elements have the tendency to break these things. Using these sensors, your administrators will be alerted. They can run preventive protocols to protect your assets.

If a pipe freeze and broke, this can costs schools thousands of dollars. Repairs of equipment can cost a lot. The best way to address this is to be able to avoid these situations. Water/Freeze alarms are your best option for this case.

Each of these alarm systems has their own benefits. Secom highly recommended for administrators to mix these technologies. Mixing them ensures that your campus is protected from any risks. If you need help on exploring further, feel free to contact our friendly staff so we can assist you.

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