Facts That You Should Know About Burglaries

Security Facts:

1.  About 30% of all burglaries are through an open or unlocked window or door

2. The highest percentage if burglaries occur during the summer months.

3. Homes without security systems are up to 300% more likely to be broken into

4. Renters are just as likely to be the victims of property crime as homeowners

5. Nearly 66% of all burglars are residential (home) break-ins.

6. There are 2 million home burglaries are reported each year just only in the US.

7. In the United States, a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds.

8. Only 17% of the homes in United States have a security systems

9. 2,500 plus cars stolen each day, it’s almost 2 cars a minute

10. Police usually only clear 13% of all reported burglaries due to lack of witnesses or physical evidence.

11 . February is the least frequent month for home break-ins

12. 38% of all assaults occur during home invation

13. 60% of all reported rapes occurs during a home invation

14. Statistics show that 80% of all break-ins are through a door. Doors with low visibility from the street and neighbors are particularly vulnerable.

15. Homes on a corner lot are more likely to be burglarized

16. If your home has had a burglary, the odds of being burglarized again dramatically increase.



Alarm Monitoring Systems for Educational Institutions

Schools require special attention when it comes to security. Administrators must provide adequate safety for students, teachers and staff. In this article, Secom will discuss how alarm systems can help campuses and universities become a safe haven for learning.

alarm monitoring

What are the different alarm systems for schools?

* Fire Alarms– this is perhaps one of the most essential alarm systems that schools should deploy within their facilities. Fire alarms are devices that detect smoke and intense heat. Once it detects fire, it will trigger the sprinkler system to contain the flames.

Fire alarms are very important to educational institutions. A single incident of fire can cause damage to property, serious injuries and even loss of lives. Secom highly recommends placing priority on these devices in any security implementation project.

It is also recommended by SECOM to cover all grounds with this system. There are fire alarms that are integrated on monitoring centers and fire departments. This helps expedite emergency response should a fire incident occur.
* Break-in Alarms– these devices are installed on glass doors and windows. It measures vibrations on the glass and triggers an alarm. There are cases wherein Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) could not see every inch of the school. Break-in alarms help on those scenarios.

These alarms are normally placed on doors and windows of storage rooms and other highly sensitive rooms. If you have a place that stores critical equipment or information, Secom highly recommends installing these. It helps prevents burglars and intruders.

* Motion Sensors – motion sensors detect any movement on an open space. If a burglar tries to prowl within your grounds, motion sensors can help detect them. Your security team can apprehend these felons.

Motion sensors work very well in lawns, gardens and outdoor environments. SECOM highly recommends integrating these sensors with flood lights. If an intruder is detected by the sensor, the flood light will be activated. This will discourage the intruder from pursuing their activities.

Motion sensors are good tools to prevent vandalism. It is also effective in detecting and preventing car theft on your school parking lots.

* Water/Freeze Alarms – If your school is situated on a wet or freezing environment, SECOM recommends exploring this alarm system. What it does is that it detects if your surroundings are freezing or if floods are coming in inside the place.

There are pipes and types of equipment that are sensitive to low temperatures and water. These elements have the tendency to break these things. Using these sensors, your administrators will be alerted. They can run preventive protocols to protect your assets.

If a pipe freeze and broke, this can costs schools thousands of dollars. Repairs of equipment can cost a lot. The best way to address this is to be able to avoid these situations. Water/Freeze alarms are your best option for this case.

Each of these alarm systems has their own benefits. Secom highly recommended for administrators to mix these technologies. Mixing them ensures that your campus is protected from any risks. If you need help on exploring further, feel free to contact our friendly staff so we can assist you.

Best Location to Place Your Security Camera at Home

Meet Stephen, his family moved to Canberra. They recently acquired a new CCTV camera system. Like many people, a common question that SECOM Australia gets is where they should install their cameras.

In this article, we will discuss the best locations to install your CCTV camera system. We will discuss in detail the locations and why it is important to have coverage on them. We will share decades of SECOM Australia’s experience, so people can enjoy their homes and have a peace of mind when it comes to safety for their families.

Image Source: http://securitycamerashome.com

Why Installing to the Right Location is Important?

  • CCTVs can deter burglary– as mentioned in previous articles by SECOM Australia, CCTV’s are excellent tools to prevent burglary. Position visible CCTVs can help discourage felons from executing their criminal plans. Burglars feel uneasy knowing that they could be caught through the footages
  • Better Evidence Gathering– throughout the years, SECOM Australia client’s were able to apprehend thieves. Police were able to identify the suspects through the recordings. The footages were used by the prosecution team in court. They key here is to make sure that the CCTV camera has good angle and lighting. This helps have clearer videos.
  • Better Security– a good combination for CCTV is to integrate it with break-in alarms and monitoring centers. If a burglar trips your break-in alarm, the monitoring center can quickly validate if there is an incident happening in your residence.

Placing the camera at the right locations helps speed up the validation process. This will allow the monitoring center to instantly call for law enforcement and apprehend the felons. Time is crucial in catching the thieves red-handed. If you have blind spots this will lengthen the process and allow the burglars to escape.

Top 5 Locations Recommended by SECOM Australia

  • Front Door– Here is an alarming information, did you know around 33% burglaries happen through the front door. It is critical to install a CCTV camera in that location. You need to be careful on where you place it. It needs to have a good angle and it should not be easily reachable. You don’t want the thieves to spray paint on it, making the camera useless.

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Best Location to Put your Outdoor CCTV Camera to Protect Your Home

CCTV camera has become a popular tool for residential owners nowadays. Homeowners find it very useful in protecting their assets and loved ones. In this article, SECOM Australia will discuss how to place your cameras in strategic locations.

outdoor cctv camera secom

Why you need to place your cameras at the right location

SECOM  has provided tens of thousands of CCTVs for residences over the past years. We observed that a lot of folks that invest in these systems but are unaware on properly installing it. Here are the top reasons why you should learn this:

* Avoid making your system useless– if you don’t place it in strategic locations, chances are you have blind spots within your property. It is a best practice that every important access points to your home should be covered by your system.

* Avoid damaging your system– If you place your CCTV on the wrong area, you are putting it at risk of being damaged or tampered. SECOM Australia has met a lot of owners who encountered these problems. Camera lenses are sensitive and prone to scratches. Make sure you install them correctly on outdoor environments. Continue reading “Best Location to Put your Outdoor CCTV Camera to Protect Your Home”

How Secom Can Protect Your Home From Theft

Meet George, his family had a terrible ordeal with their new home in NSW. Their house was ransacked when they had a vacation. Over 10,000 USD worth of goods was stolen. They recently employed Secom to deploy security measures.

In this article, we will discuss how Secom Security identified the security gaps within his home. We will touch in depth how to address these gaps. Our aim is to show you how the company can help you avoid similar incidents like this.


* George became complacent with security. There was no history of burglary within his neighborhood. He thought it was safe and did not invest in security camera or alarm

* He thought his dogs were enough to fend off the thieves. He thought that the barking sounds will alert will the neighbors and will call the police to protect his property.

* The burglar broke into his window and used the front door to move the stolen items. Nobody witnessed the theft.

secom australia

The Assessment of Secom

Like many Australians are vulnerable and have gaps similar to George. Just because a neighborhood has no history of burglary does not mean it is totally safe. Theft can occur anytime. It can happen to both rich and poor neighborhoods. Burglary is a crime of opportunity, if the burglar saw that owners are complacent they will not hesitate and exploit it. Continue reading “How Secom Can Protect Your Home From Theft”

SECOM is Your Best Home Security Company in Australia

Are you looking for the best security systems for your homes and business? You might want to consider Secom Security Australia as your provider. In this article, we will discuss why Secom Security is the best choice for Aussies.

Burglar trying to pry open window on house

Top 7 Reasons on Why Choose Secom Security

# 7 Innovation– Secom Security has invested a lot in providing up to date tools for any type of establishments. Whether you are looking for CCTV, alarms and other systems, the company has a wide variety to choose from. They offer the cutting-edge in remote monitoring, burglary detection, and access control. Innovation is the core DNA of this company. They are recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 100 world’s most innovative companies in the world

#6 End to End Solution– A strong advantage of this company is that they offer comprehensive solutions. They integrate the best security systems with monitoring centers enabling 24/7 protection for your assets and vicinities. If an alarm is triggered, their staff can verify the emergency through CCTV and deploy patrols and law enforcement. This enables quick response to any incident that may occur to your family, employees, and customers. Continue reading “SECOM is Your Best Home Security Company in Australia”

Security in the Tourism Industry

Last June 2, 2017, the world was shocked when a lone gunman attacked the Resorts World Hotel and Casino in Pasay City Philippines. 37 people lost their lives during this incident.


The government officials blamed the incident to an “emotionally disturbed individual”. The gunman tried to carry out a robbery, by shooting at TV screens and setting on fire properties inside Resorts World Manila casino, suffocating many of the victims.

Here is the CCTV footage of the attack on RW Manila:

Police chief Oscar Albayalde said on Sunday the family confirmed the man’s identity as Jesse Javier Carlos, a former employee of the Finance Department. The assailant’s family said he was US$80,000 in debt “due to being hooked in casino gambling”.

An Eye-opener to the Tourism Industry

Many things can be learned from this incident. This case can help improve the security of hotels, casinos and other tourist destinations around the globe. Despite having over 3,100 CCTV cameras and employing a security force this incident was not prevented.

The Philippines National Police launched a probe on the security provider and management of Resorts World. Here are the lapses that were identified according to the PNP:

  • There was only one security guard stationed at the place where the gunman entered the scene. This was shown on the CCTV footage. The entrance could have been hampered if there were two security personnel guarding the area.
  • The gunman entered through the exit door and there were no physical barriers to slow him down.
  • The security guard had no training on mall security
  • The uniform worn by the lady guard was not prescribed. This prevented the office from issuing a firearm.
  • The CCTV monitoring team abandoned their post when the gunman attacked. This was according to report from a television broadcast. If the monitoring team stayed, SWAT and the police could have used the real-time footage to track the gunman.

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Wired or Wireless? Ideal Home Security Systems

Wired or wireless home security, which is better? This is a frequently asked question by our clients when they explore installing these systems for their homes. Each solution has their own advantages, it really depends on the structure and requirement of your homes.

In this article, we will discuss the benefit of each system. We will discuss the conditions on when it is ideal to deploy a particular system for your residence.

Wired Vs. Wireless Security systems (1)
Image Source: http://www.fire-monitoring.com

Difference between wired and wireless

Both wired and wireless system has a control panel to control all the sensors of your home. These systems have the capability to connect with the outside world.

The main difference between the two is how the sensors connect to the control panel. Wired connection utilizes wires hidden beside walls and floors. Most of them connect to the outside world using a landline/cellular phone. You can use category 5 or UTP cables.

Wireless, on the other hand, using WIFI or IR connections. There are no visible wires required. The control panel can be connected to a landline or mobile phones. Continue reading “Wired or Wireless? Ideal Home Security Systems”

Security Personnel’s Roles In Implementing City-wide Security

Securing cities is a major undertaking. One of the most useful tools for this would be public surveillance. In this article, we will discuss the roles and responsibilities of people involved in running city-wide CCTV cameras.

We will discuss teams should be composed. How each of them interacts to ensure they meet the requirements. Our aim is to educate public administrators on how to integrate their city resources and work with security services here in Australia.


Crowd Monitoring

Places with high crowd density are prone to a lot of risks. Whether it’s a stadium, a tourist site, transport facility or street demonstrations, video surveillance is a good tool to provide safety.

Cameras can monitor the crowd. An operator can monitor all activity. He can scan the area and zoom in on any suspicious behavior. He can detect potential stampedes on crowded stadiums. He can also detect unruly demonstrators.

Once he detects something, the operator can flag it and coordinate with law enforcement. The police can immediately respond and contain the incident. Operators can monitor multiple sites using multiplexing technologies for CCTV. Continue reading “Security Personnel’s Roles In Implementing City-wide Security”

CCTV Camera for Theatres in Australia

When opening up theaters in Australia, one of the topmost concerns would be safety. It is expected that these arts/entertainment centers will be flocked by thousands of patrons. There are lots of ways to make a theater secure: CCTV cameras systems, alarms, etc. What is the great mix to have the best security implementation for your establishment?

Case Study: Regeant’s Park Open Air Theatre

theatre camera systems

The Regeant’s Park Open Air Theatre was re-developed in 2012. The open theater had a major overhaul and that includes upgrading its security systems. Since the theater is a busy outdoor venue, it had a variety of complex safety and security requirements. The pressure is high on implementing a perfect security since this is part of London’s cultural heritage.

Theatre Requirements

  • Secure all entries and exits
  • Secure the box office
  • Install PA systems across the theater and its grounds
  • Deploy fire-alarms


The theatre installed Honeywell Galaxy intruder alarms and connected it to a central monitoring station. This enabled the theater to monitor any break-ins on restricted areas such as the box office and admin offices. Continue reading “CCTV Camera for Theatres in Australia”