Best Location to Place Your Security Camera at Home

Meet Stephen, his family moved to Canberra. They recently acquired a new CCTV camera system. Like many people, a common question that SECOM Australia gets is where they should install their cameras.

In this article, we will discuss the best locations to install your CCTV camera system. We will discuss in detail the locations and why it is important to have coverage on them. We will share decades of SECOM Australia’s experience, so people can enjoy their homes and have a peace of mind when it comes to safety for their families.

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Why Installing to the Right Location is Important?

  • CCTVs can deter burglary– as mentioned in previous articles by SECOM Australia, CCTV’s are excellent tools to prevent burglary. Position visible CCTVs can help discourage felons from executing their criminal plans. Burglars feel uneasy knowing that they could be caught through the footages
  • Better Evidence Gathering– throughout the years, SECOM Australia client’s were able to apprehend thieves. Police were able to identify the suspects through the recordings. The footages were used by the prosecution team in court. They key here is to make sure that the CCTV camera has good angle and lighting. This helps have clearer videos.
  • Better Security– a good combination for CCTV is to integrate it with break-in alarms and monitoring centers. If a burglar trips your break-in alarm, the monitoring center can quickly validate if there is an incident happening in your residence.

Placing the camera at the right locations helps speed up the validation process. This will allow the monitoring center to instantly call for law enforcement and apprehend the felons. Time is crucial in catching the thieves red-handed. If you have blind spots this will lengthen the process and allow the burglars to escape.

Top 5 Locations Recommended by SECOM Australia

  • Front Door– Here is an alarming information, did you know around 33% burglaries happen through the front door. It is critical to install a CCTV camera in that location. You need to be careful on where you place it. It needs to have a good angle and it should not be easily reachable. You don’t want the thieves to spray paint on it, making the camera useless.

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Best Location to Put your Outdoor CCTV Camera to Protect Your Home

CCTV camera has become a popular tool for residential owners nowadays. Homeowners find it very useful in protecting their assets and loved ones. In this article, SECOM Australia will discuss how to place your cameras in strategic locations.

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Why you need to place your cameras at the right location

SECOM  has provided tens of thousands of CCTVs for residences over the past years. We observed that a lot of folks that invest in these systems but are unaware on properly installing it. Here are the top reasons why you should learn this:

* Avoid making your system useless– if you don’t place it in strategic locations, chances are you have blind spots within your property. It is a best practice that every important access points to your home should be covered by your system.

* Avoid damaging your system– If you place your CCTV on the wrong area, you are putting it at risk of being damaged or tampered. SECOM Australia has met a lot of owners who encountered these problems. Camera lenses are sensitive and prone to scratches. Make sure you install them correctly on outdoor environments. Continue reading “Best Location to Put your Outdoor CCTV Camera to Protect Your Home”

Security in the Tourism Industry

Last June 2, 2017, the world was shocked when a lone gunman attacked the Resorts World Hotel and Casino in Pasay City Philippines. 37 people lost their lives during this incident.


The government officials blamed the incident to an “emotionally disturbed individual”. The gunman tried to carry out a robbery, by shooting at TV screens and setting on fire properties inside Resorts World Manila casino, suffocating many of the victims.

Here is the CCTV footage of the attack on RW Manila:

Police chief Oscar Albayalde said on Sunday the family confirmed the man’s identity as Jesse Javier Carlos, a former employee of the Finance Department. The assailant’s family said he was US$80,000 in debt “due to being hooked in casino gambling”.

An Eye-opener to the Tourism Industry

Many things can be learned from this incident. This case can help improve the security of hotels, casinos and other tourist destinations around the globe. Despite having over 3,100 CCTV cameras and employing a security force this incident was not prevented.

The Philippines National Police launched a probe on the security provider and management of Resorts World. Here are the lapses that were identified according to the PNP:

  • There was only one security guard stationed at the place where the gunman entered the scene. This was shown on the CCTV footage. The entrance could have been hampered if there were two security personnel guarding the area.
  • The gunman entered through the exit door and there were no physical barriers to slow him down.
  • The security guard had no training on mall security
  • The uniform worn by the lady guard was not prescribed. This prevented the office from issuing a firearm.
  • The CCTV monitoring team abandoned their post when the gunman attacked. This was according to report from a television broadcast. If the monitoring team stayed, SWAT and the police could have used the real-time footage to track the gunman.

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Retailers benefiting from CCTV Security Systems

CCTV cameras are very valuable tools for business nowadays. The use of it has become widespread since the camera system has become more affordable. Retailers are one of the industries benefiting from CCTV security systems

How Retailers Benefit from CCTV?

* Protection against Theft- shop owners and mall owners are always hot targets for theft. Theft can come in many forms, whether it’s burglary, robbery, shoplifting and even fraud. CCTV cameras help managers monitor their shops and detect any occurrence of this incidents.

Let’s take the supermarket sector. This segment has implemented cameras all over their aisles and cashiers. In a British survey, they identified that more than 3 billion USD is lost due to theft. Setting up cameras, security solutions and mobile security help reduce these cases.
Here is a video showing shoplifters in the UK. CCTV allowed retailers to monitor shoppers and react to any potential cases of theft:

Here is another video, a multi-layered shoplifting ring. Notice how CCTV and the store security caught the shoplifters.

* Prevent Bad Employee Behavior- CCTV cameras help managers monitor their employees as well. We all know that employees should always behave according to the standards of the company. Failure to do so can lead a company to embarrassment or even a lawsuit.
Being able to monitor and track down these indecent behaviors, help manager ensures this objective. Installing cameras especially on workplaces can help a lot in preventing these bad behaviors.
Here is a video of a kitchen staff tampering with a customer’s food. One of them urinated on the milk and spit on the sandwich.

with a customer’s food. One of them urinated on the milk and spit on the sandwich.

Here is a CCTV footage of a fight between customers and staff in a Petrol pump. Footages like this helps managers identify what went wrong and what should have been done to prevent such incident

Here is another video that shows how effective cameras in unmasking bad employee behaviors. Undercover investigators use hidden cameras to catch shoplifters and expose a corrupt employee at a high-end electronics store in New York City. Even more outrageous than their crimes are the crooks’ ridiculous denials and lies when they are confronted. One thief claims to be testing store security, while another blames his girlfriend for everything. But when an employee steals from his boss, tempers flare and the investigators step in to prevent a violent confrontation.

* Evidence for Courts- CCTV footages help owners with prosecuting felons against their establishment. Whether the crime is about theft or indecency, these videos are excellent proof of case filing. CCTV footages also help law enforcement identify felons if they haven’t been caught.
Here is a video showing a supermarket staff held up at gunpoint in Brighton. The footage was used by Sussex police to identify the suspects.

Here is another video showing a lady and a kid robbing a laptop shop

* Evidence for Insurance Claims- providing this footage can help speed up the release of insurance claims. It can also help prove that retailers did what they can to prevent such thing from happening and could negotiate for a lower insurance premium in the future.
Here is a video showing car crashing into a bike shop. Three people suffered minor injuries when an 86-year-old driver plowed through a bike store window in Mission Viejo, California.